Ricky Alexander…

“Not to be missed” -JazzTimes

“Thank you for making our wedding so special” – Niki and Chris



Hi! I’m Ricky Alexander, I’m 26, I live in NYC, and I love to make people dance. Growing up outside Washington D.C., I played in a variety of artistic and dance bands. I studied modern jazz at the University of Maryland, and began exploring clarinet, as well as pursuing my primary instrument, the saxophone. I was fortunate to get to perform with some of the best musicians in D.C., as well as very prestigious venues.  I’ve always had a passion for both artistic as well as dance music.


I spent some time pondering, “what makes my audience happy?”, as well as the ultimate question: “what makes me happy?”. Albeit hard to believe, I think I have found my solution: Traditional Jazz.


Dave Robinson is the director of the capitol focus jazz band, an organization that focuses on educating youth about traditional jazz- a topic seldom covered in colleges and universities. I was lucky to be a part of this band for five years, taking a leadership role and embarking on several international tours. I owe a special thanks to this organization for fostering my growth in traditional jazz and allowing me to share the stage with some of the best musicians across the world!


I moved to NYC in August of 2012 to pursue a Master’s degree from New York University.  I am now striving to bring you intelligent music that emanates joy, and makes you move your feet! I hope you enjoy!